Canadian Immigration Minister From Somalia

In January 2017, Ahmed Hussen was sworn in as the Canadian Immigration Minister. He has come a long way from earlier times when he moved to Canada as a teenager and fell in love with this country. His homeland of Somalia was war-torn when he arrived in Canada as a refugee in 1993.

Hussen graduated from high school in Hamilton and lived in subsidized housing with his brother, in Toronto’s Regent Park neighborhood. He put himself through college at York University by pumping gas in Mississauga. Canada is a country that welcomes immigrants and encourages them to succeed in their country. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for information on receiving a visa to work and live in Canada.

Hussen spoke with reporters at the House of Commons recently saying how proud he is of Canada’s history being a place of asylum, somewhere that opens its “doors and hearts to new immigrants and refugees.” He said, “I’m especially proud today to be the minister in charge of that file.” He was elected first in 2015 as a Member of Canada’s Parliament. Prior to his election, he worked as a criminal defense lawyer and worked with immigration and refugee law.

He served on the Global Enrichment Foundation board, helping women in East Africa go to college in the region, and also served the board for Journalists for Human Rights, based in Toronto. So many opportunities await you in Canada. Canadian Visa Expert can lead you to the right immigration path for receiving a visa to live and work in Canada.