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Economics Is Motive for 70% of Canadian Immigration

Seven out of ten people arriving in Canada cited economic concerns as the main reason for coming to the Great White North. Forty-five percent of respondents cited educational opportunities and 18% cited family reunification.

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“One of the main objectives of the Canadian immigration strategy is to strengthen the workforce, which is why we attract immigrants seeking economic opportunities,” stated Shanze Khan, research director at Leger, to the National Post in an email.

The economic concerns of newcomers are an increasingly shared complaint by the Canadian public overall.

Inflation is the primary concern for both groups (34% of Canadians and 29% of newcomers), followed, in a slightly different order, by health, the second major concern for Canadians (17%), and the fourth for newcomers (11%), affordability of housing (10% and 15%, respectively), and the economy and employment (6% and 19%, respectively).

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The percentage of immigrants in the country has continued to increase, from just over 15% in 1971 to nearly 23% in 2021. This trend is likely to continue in the coming years. In 2022 and 2023, Canada welcomed over a million temporary and permanent immigrants each year, sending the national population over 40 million as of June 2023.

According to a recent Postmedia-Leger survey, half of Canadians believe there are now too many immigrants in the country, compared to only 21% in January 2023. It is noteworthy that almost half (42%) of newcomers also agree that current immigration levels are unsustainably high and are straining social services and existing infrastructure, in addition to posing affordability issues.

“The problem does not seem to lie directly with immigration policy, neither Canadians nor newcomers seem to think that is the root issue. What concerns them is the overload on existing infrastructure, such as housing or healthcare services,” wrote Khan.

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