Canada Named the World’s #1 Country to Visit During 2017

The New York Times released its 2017 ranking of the top 52 places to visit. Canada was named the number one country to travel to in 2017. Several reasons were listed for Canada being number one. The country has spectacular scenery to be enjoyed by all. There are more than 200 national parks, marine conservation areas, and historic sites to visit. World-class restaurants, universities, historic districts, and museums, make Toronto a fantastic place to see and enjoy.

If skiing is your hobby, British Columbia has some of the best slopes across the globe. While in Whistler for skiing, enjoy the alpine village charm. While visiting these cities and falling in love with the areas, consider contacting Canadian Visa Expert for information on receiving a visa to live and work in Canada.

Vancouver Island hosts more than three million tourists every year. The city has many charms with its art. In fact, it has been called the most romantic city in Canada. The harbor is full of activity with seaplanes, whale-watching, and other seafaring vessels. Guided tours of Hatley Castle are available to tourists. Edmonton, Alberta, is home to the second-largest indoor water park and the largest mall in North America.

The Ukrainian population contributes to the delicious cuisine from other cultures. The Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village is the place to learn about the Ukrainian immigration to Canada and also learn how to make pierogies. Get ready to fall in love with Canada when you visit. By contacting Canadian Visa Expert, you will receive information on the needed visas to immigrate to this great country.