The World Has a Favorable View of Canadians

When author Kerry Colburn from Michigan began to date a man from Canada, her friends decided that they liked him — just because he was from Canada. They used to tell Colburn that Canadian guys were nice and she was lucky to be dating one. She already knew what a great person he was, stating that he was funny and charming in addition to being nice.

Of course, this is history because Colburn ended up marrying her Canadian date. However, it seems that many people believe that Canadians are kind people who really care about others. Canadian Visa Expert is an immigration service that helps people get their Canadian visa.

Meryl Streep, the Hollywood movie star, spoke of Canadian actor Ryan Gosling at her Golden Globes speech, stating that Canadians really are some of the nicest people. Colburn, the Michigan author, thought it humorous that Streep would use the word “nice” to describe Canadians. However, Gosling was so gracious and “nice” when giving his acceptance speech that he just proved Streep to be right. He talked about his family, making his movie, and caring for his wife’s brother who had cancer.

logo_CANADA_BLACK_BACKCanadian Visa Expert has helped thousands of people with the immigration process, and agrees that Canadians should embrace this concept because it’s really true. Eric Weiner, a U.S. author and tourist, believes that while Canadians really are nice people, they often deny the fact. Canadians often believe that they are passive-aggressive, according to Weiner, but they really are quite polite and humble.

Weiner goes on to say that in addition to being “nice,” Canadian are often funny. In fact, he considers that somewhat ironic because nice doesn’t always equate with being funny. Weiner encourages his Canadian friends to embrace the concept of being nice, especially since some have accused Canadians of being dull and boring.

With one of the highest standards of living, Canada has become a sort of “mecca” for foreign nationals who are looking for a new life. Contact Canadian Visa Expert today to learn if you are eligible to move to Canada.