woman in canada

New Canadian Citizens Happy to Live in Canada

Canada, celebrating its 150th anniversary on July 1, 2017, is seen as a land of diversity, opportunity, and safety by people across the world. In June 2017, 90 people from 23 different countries began a new chapter in their lives by becoming Canadian citizens. An El Salvador native attending one of the citizenship ceremonies, Flor Mejid, attended high school in Canada. He said there were students from many countries who had no problems blending cultures.

Sajedeh Ghassemi, an Iranian attending a ceremony in Mississauga, immigrated to Canada to have a better future. She felt suppression in her own country as a Middle Eastern woman. These freedoms and liberties are available to you and your family. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for information on starting this journey.

United States president, Donald Trump, placed a pending ban on people visiting from many Muslim-dominant countries, a clampdown on immigration violations, and a travel ban order. Canada has decided to have arms wide open for immigrants and refugees. The Canadian government has agreed to allow 300,000 immigrants with differing backgrounds and homelands to immigrate to Canada in 2017. Canadian Visa Expert stands ready to assist you in your move to Canada.