Interesting Canadian Demographics Show Growth

As of April 2017, Canada’s population is 36.56 million people, which is based on the latest estimates from the United Nations. The population of the country equals 0.49% of the population on all of Earth and is ranked #38 of all countries by population. The population density of the country is four people per every square kilometer, and 82.1% of the population is urban.

The average age of a Canadian is 40.8 years, which has increased 10.2 years since 1984 when it was 30.6 years. Canadian Visa Expert’s professionals have seen a larger number of immigrants moving to Canada in recent years due to the demand for and acceptance of immigrants and the many opportunities available there.

Canada has experienced substantial population growth during the past year, and this growth continues to be one of the strongest among the G7 countries (which include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States). From 2015 to 2106, immigration was responsible for 71.7% of the growth within Canada, and all provinces have seen growth in the past year with the exception of Alberta. Canadian Visa Expert: an independently-owned immigration service that provides resources and assistance to those who want to move to Canada to live, work, and study.

2123523275_bf10e0ef17_oDuring the past year, all provinces received more immigrants than in 2014-2015, and six of them had record numbers of immigrants: Alberta (57,384), Manitoba (17,238), Newfoundland and Labrador (1,406), New Brunswick (4,435), Nova Scotia (5,390), and Saskatchewan (15,006). Canadian Visa Expert’s policy is to make your Canadian immigration process as easy as possible.

As of July 2016, nearly one in six Canadians was at least 65 years of age (5.9 million or 16.5%), and “baby boomers” (ages 50-70) made up about one-third of that group. There were 5.8 million residents between the ages of 0-14, which is 16.1%. The median age for females (41.5 years) is higher than for males (39.7 years) in Canada. Among other G7 nations, Canada has the lowest proportion of people who are 65 and older.

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