Elderly Women and Teenage Boys Are Happiest People in Canada

It may be surprising, but the two demographics of all Canadians that are the happiest are women over 70 and teenage boys. Of course, this is probably the only things they have in common, but these two reached the top of the list as those living in Canada with the most personal happiness. The academic field of self-reported life satisfaction has many interesting insights into how and why Canadians are feeling a certain way. The older women are happy, according to a recent Statistics Canada released report, due to good health, sufficient income, and great relationships. A strong feeling of accomplishment and belonging has a dynamic effect on people’s perception about life, and elderly women are reaping the benefit. Canadian Visa Expert has a Five-Phase Process to help the worker visa process go smoothly and quickly. Their team of professionals has been trained to help you every step of the way, so living and working in Canada can become a reality for you and your family.

Teenage boys between 15 and 19 are the other happiest people group living in Canada. They mostly enjoy good health and strong friendships, but do not have the achievements that the other group has. According to most reports, the boys should be less happy than young women. A professor emeritus of economics at the University of British Columbia, John Helliwell, said the performance and opportunities for young women had significantly increased compared to young men in the job market and educational arena. Women account for close to 60 percent of university graduates in the country, and last year they were the majority of new PhDs for the first time. Helliwell notes that the happiness the youth are feeling may be “self-delusion.” Boys are cool with how things currently are and are not concerned with their performance. They keep expectations low. The job opportunities and excellent healthcare system in Canada make it a great place to raise your family. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for help with obtaining the required visa to live, work, and study in Canada. Their team is dedicated to helping you begin an exciting new chapter in your life.