Canadian Immigration Minister Immigrant from Somalia

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen talked about the importance immigrants have in the Canadian economy and the successful Canadian immigration programs in a news interview given in April 2017. Not only did Ahmed Hussen speak as the head of the Canadian immigration ministry, but he also spoke as a refugee himself.

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sadHe immigrated to Canada from Somalia in 1993, as a teenager. He became a successful lawyer, after graduating from a Canadian university and was then elected in 2015 as a Member of Parliament. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed Hussen as Canada’s new Immigration Minister in 2017.

Hussen described Canada as a country which welcomes people from around the globe to immigrate to Canada which makes the country “a nation of immigrants.” These immigrants make a contribution to the Canadian economy and society as a whole. He made mention of the success of the Canadian immigration programs by giving examples of Canadians accepting refugees from Syria to live in their homes while settling in their new country.

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