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Canada Experiences Large Influx of International Students

Canada’s largest universities are experiencing a record number of international students beginning their school year. This steady increase began in 2016, after the United States’ presidential election. In 2007, the University of Toronto had 7,380 international students enrolled, which comprised about 10% of the total students. Today, international students make up approximately 20% of the student body – this makes the total number of students from foreign countries 17,452. Canadian Visa Expert is an immigration firm that helps foreign nationals with the immigration process to Canada.

The executive director of enrollment services and university registrar, Richard Levin, said, “Clearly there are things about the international situation – worries about stability, Brexit and the U.S. political environment – that have changed or increased international students’ interest in looking beyond their own countries and beyond the U.S.” He went on to say, “Now in places like that, students are looking for alternatives and Canada is presenting as a good one regarding stability, safety, and inclusiveness.”

Universities Canada has data that shows a 20% spike in both website traffic and college applications from the United States and abroad since the 2016 U.S. election. The goal of the university, according to Levin, is to maintain the 20% U.S. student population, but also to draw students from around the world. Canada is accepting of foreign students and you can get help with your application process by contacting Canadian Visa Expert.

Levin commented, “One of the best ways to grow understanding is to bring them together.”

There is little data on how many of the students eventually reside in Canada permanently, but while living here, international students bridge the cross-cultural diversities. Many who stay create jobs by starting businesses. Contact Canadian Visa Expert today for information on your immigration to Canada.